In the past number of years people who were wanting to move to Southwestern Ontario have be challenged by the commute to work in the GTA because public transportation has been either not efficient or not convenient to use. Growth in markets like Whitby, Pickering & Vaughan has been significant in recent years, mainly due to access to the GO Train service.

COVID 19 has really changed how people are now doing their jobs and the increase of the Work From Home platforms for business is allowing employees to now consider lifestyle options on where they live! Instead of commuting on one of the 400 series highways/parking lots, they can “Zoom” to work on the Digital Highway!! This is allowing Buyers to reconsider markets like Stratford and Woodstock where lifestyle and home prices are appealing to Buyers looking to get out of the GTA.

With high speed internet options including Fiber Optic, the area really makes working from home a viable option. There is a wide range of services and plans available giving the users lots of selection of price points and plans.

Growth in this region will likely continue into the foreseeable future and the “Digital Highway” will continue to give Buyers more housing options in areas of the Province where they can enjoy a lifestyle that maybe they couldn’t afford where they work!

Besides the time saved commuting can be better used walking to the local café and grabbing a favourite morning beverage and pastry to get the day started! Much more civilized than fighting the gridlock!