RE/MAX Integra has launched an accessible trick-or-treating program across Canada aimed at helping children with accessibility and mobility issues to join in the fun on Halloween night.  In Canada, over 400,000 children and youth live with accessibility issues, making everyday activities a daunting task. This includes trick-or-treating on Halloween, an activity that many children look forward to each year.

The Accessibility Advisory Committees of Stratford, Perth and Oxford Counties are participating in the efforts to make Halloween more accessible, by helping to make available additional FREE signs to homeowners in Perth and Oxford Counties. Signs will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis in each County at local municipal offices and participating RE/MAX offices listed below.

By displaying an Accessible Trick or Treating sign on your front lawn you are letting people know that your home is accessible for everybody trick-or-treating this Halloween, and you’re helping to raise awareness around accessibility issues.

Ideas For Homeowners:

  • Place an Accessible Trick or Treating sign on your front lawn a few days before Halloween (If you reside within the City of Stratford, signs can be placed on your lawn on October 31st only)
  • If possible, take stairs completely out of the process and create a trick-or-treating station on your driveway or out of your garage
  • Clear pathways
  • Make sure the path to your trick-or-treating area is well lit
  • Refrain from the use of strobe lights
  • Move cars out of the driveway to allow better accessibility for trick-or-treaters
  • Create a doorbell system that can alert you of visitors
  • Please use the sign only on your personal property
  • Please remove the sign from your property on November 1st.

Signs will be available weekdays in Stratford and Perth County 8:30 am -4:30 pm starting October 20th (with limited quantities while supplies last):

  • RE/MAX a-b Realty 88 Wellington Street Stratford
  • Stratford Rotary Complex – 353 McCarthy Road West, Stratford – arena entrance


Signs will also be available at the following Municipal Offices throughout Perth County

  • West Perth Municipal Office (169 St. David St. Mitchell)
  • North Perth Municipal Office (330 Wallace Ave. Listowel)
  • Township of Perth South Office (3191 Road 122, St. Pauls)
  • Township of Perth East Office (25 Mill St. East, Milverton)

Oxford County signs will be available weekdays from 8:30-4:30 pm starting October 10th (with limited quantities while supplies last)  

  • RE/MAX a-b Realty – 463 Dundas St. Woodstock
  • RE/MAX a-b Realty – 46 Charles St. East, Ingersoll


Signs will also be available at the following Municipal Offices:

  • Town of Tillsonburg – 10 Lisgar Avenue, Tillsonburg
  • Oxford County Administration Building – 21 Reeve Street, Woodstock
  • Township of Norwich – 285767 Airport Road, Norwich
  • City of Woodstock, City Hall – 500 Dundas Street, Woodstock
  • Township of Blandford Blenheim – 47 Wilmot Street South, Drumbo
  • Township of Zorra – 274620  27th Line, R. R. #3, Ingersoll
  • Township of East Zorra-Tavistock – Box 100, 90 Loveys Street, Hickson
  • Township of South-West Oxford – 312915 Dereham Line, Mount Elgin
  • Town of Ingersoll – 130 Oxford Street, 2nd floor, Ingersoll

More information is available at:

The Treat Accessibly 2019 wouldn’t be possible locally without the generous support of RE/MAX Integra.  It has been brought to you locally by the Accessibility Advisory Committee of Perth County, Accessibility Advisory Committee of the City of Stratford, Accessibility Advisory Committee of Oxford County and RE/MAX a-b Realty Ltd.